Friday, March 9, 2012

Here at the hospital

Mailyna the night before: Right know I'm at the hospital getting ready for my transfution and my surgery. Before we got settled my mom had to yell at the nurses. She had to yell at them because they weren't giving me a good room. After that everybody had to wate in the family room. After that my mom went into the room to talk to the nurses. Then, after that all of us went to get some food at Church's Chicken. 12:10am Just now I got poked on my wrist. It really hurts whenever someone touches it. While they where looking for a vain on my arm,I was moving around and trying to get away from them! My mom was trying to keep me from moving around and keeping me from kicking or anything else. When they poke you ther isn't any needle inside of the tube. I had all kinds of tears all over the place. After they poked me I cryed a lot. After that I realized that my nurse wasn't that nice! I'm sad and mad. I'm sad because my wrist hurts. My wrist hurts because the tube is in my skin. Also I'm mad because the nurses were mean! They were mean because I wasn't listening to theme. I wasn't listening because I was sad and nervouse.


  1. Hi Mailyna! I'm sorry that you had such a bad time in the hospital. The good news is that you have a working port now (by the time you read this) and you won't need to get so many arm pokes. I wish I could have been there to help you, but I don't work in the middle of the night! I will see you in clinic in a few weeks. xoxo Gina

  2. Im sad that your nurses are mean to you! you just tell me to ...and uncle will have a little talk with them! Im so proud of you how strong and brave you are Mim! I would cry too if i had to go through what you do sweetie. Hope you feel better and when you are ready give me a call and I will take you shopping again or go eat ice cream! okay? Uncle loves you always!

    Love, Uncle Eddie