Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Getting Ready for Transfusions (Mailynas Version)

For my transfusion is not easy some times. Before I go to my transfusion I need to get my blood drawn. At my transfusion I take my height,weigh myself, and stay there for about 5 hour. Wile I'm there I have a bag filled with goodies. In my bag I like to bring movies, books, homework, beads, and my emla. I wear emla so that when they poke me in my port, it wont hurt so much. While I'm at my transfusion, I start to miss school and my friends. I start to think of what they are doing and how much fun they are having. But on the other hand I am looking forward to seeing all my doctors there. My favorite thing to do there is doing crafts with Gina. Gina is a child life advocate/supporter. She is a very nice person to spend time with. Another  person to spend with is Stacey. Me and her both made up a hand shake together. This is how it goes; elbow elbow ,wrist  wrist, touch your pearls, blow a kiss. When ever I go in room 1 she a and I do the hand shake in the air. After my transfusion me, my sister and my pop or mom go to Fentons for ice cream.

By Mailyna


  1. You're such an awesome little girl!! Uncle Jon & Auntie Mel love you very much!! Oh, and so does Choy!!

  2. Mailyna, it's awesome how you share this with the world. Good for you, girly. By the way, can you explain more about what an emla is? Thanks!