Thursday, November 17, 2011

Some Days are Harder than Others

Yesterday was my transfusion. My mama took me, instead  of my  mom. Wile I was there I had a fun time with her. The first thing we did was get my height and weight. Once they do that they got all that done I get to the room they want me in. When I  get settled in, the doctors get their things ready, before they poke my port. Yesterday they didn't have to poke me one time, but two times! They needed to poke me two times because my blood was clogged. Nobody knew what it was clogged from. When they poked me  the second time I started to cry. I started to cry because my port wasn't numb anymore. It really hurt. The second thing they do is go and get my blood at the Blood Bank. That reminds me when my Auntie Chris donated blood and helped someone like me. Once they do that they get the end from the needle and connect the other line to mine. The other line has the blood in it. In the end of my transfusion I pack my things and go home.


  1. Don't worry about crying Mailyna, we all do it sometimes! It's especially OK when you're in pain! I'll tell you a secret - even though I look like a big, tough guy, I still cry at movies sometimes! :D

  2. You are an insiration to strong a brave. I hope that I am half the person you are. Love you big girl. Auntie Kimberly

  3. Hi Mimi girl! I love you and reading your blog. =) One of these days I have to visit you at your transfusion huh? I want to go to paint my nails and go to fentons with you too! Also, did you know that I try to donate blood too but I got sick doing it? Hopefully I can try again sometime. See you soon <3